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Poster Day 2012

The Department of Chemistry will hold its 4th Annual Poster Day on Saturday, February 18, 2012. Prospective students interested in attending should submit their Application to the Graduate Program by the Priority Deadline of January 15th for consideration. Please here for highlights of Poster Day 2011


2008 Chemistry Newsletter

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Department News Archive

ACS-PRF Funding

It is our pleasure to announce that Dr. Hao Xu has received notification that his research proposal entitles "Catalytic Enantioselective Phenolic Oxidation by Cooperative Catalysis" has been recommended for funding by the ACS PRF Advisory Board. Please congratulate him.

NSF Funding

It is our pleasure to announce that Dr. Gangli Wang has received notice from NSF that he will get major funding for three years. This is great news for the Department and continues the remarkable achievements of the Assistant Professors. Please congratulate him!

Congratulations to our 2010 Student Award Winners

The Chemistry Department extends a heart-felt congratulations to our 2010 Undergraduate Award winners, and our 2010 Graduate Award winners.

Professor Maged Henary

    It is a pleasure to announce that Dr. Henary has received major NIH support via a subcontract from Beth usrael Deaconess Medical Center (Harvard).  Congratulations! 

The National Research Council Gives Chemistry National Recognition

In the highly anticipated rankings just released by the National Research Council, the PhD program in Chemistry ranked in the top 10 of 178 programs using the 5th centile ranking for both "Student Support and Outcomes" and "Faculty Diversity." Overall, Chemistry did well nationally compared to peer institutions using the data driven ranking system. These results show the quality of the PhD program, and that it is still one of the best kept secrets in the South. In the five years since the data for the report was collected, the Department has seen considerable growth: We have doubled the producton of PhD's, increased our faculty by ~50%; and increased our publicaton rate from ~90 per year ~150 per year. For the University press release, please cick here.

Chem Club Award

    It is a great pleasure to announce that the GSU Chem Club has received a commendable Chapter Award.  This is th second highest award that can be received.  The edited award lette to faculty adviser Dr. Jyotsa Thota states

On behalf of the American Chemical Chemical Society Committee on Education, it is my pleasure to inform you that the GSU chapter has received a Commendable Chapter Award for its 2009-2010 activities as reported in "Chmistry Club at Georgia State University, 2009-2010."  Each report was reviewed by three faculty advisors, who provided feedback to consider when planning future activities.  The 2009-2010 award winning chaptes will be recognized i the Novembe / Decembe issue of in Chemity" magazine and plaques will bepresented at the ACS Student Chapter ward Ceremony that will be held at th 241st National Meeting in Anaheim, CA. 

Professor Binghe Wang

    Dr. Wang is organizing two symposia at Pacifichem 2010 in Hawaii in Decembe 2010:  Boronic Acid Symposium on Carbohydrate Recognition. 

Professor Giovanni Gadda

    Dr. Gadda has been nominatied for the position Alternate Councilor of the ACS Biological Division. 

Professor Zhen Huang

    Dr. Huang has received an NIH award entitled "Efficient Synthesis of Se-DNA's and Se-RNA's for Structure and Function Studies."

Professor Aimin Liu

    Dr. Liu has been invited to give a presentation at the 39th Southeastern Megnetic Resonance Conference in Gainesville this Fall (Oct. 22-24) on PR work on biological systems. 

Professor Zhen Huang

    Dr. Huang has been selected as the Lead Organizer of the nucleic acid symposium at the Pacifichem 2010 Conference with assistance of 5 other co-organizers.  Normally over 20,000 attendees worldwide attend this conference.

New Faculty for 2010!

    The Chemistry Department has added tre new faculty membes this fall:

    Dr. Hao Xu, Assistant Professor

    Dr. Jeremiah Harden, Lecturer

    Dr. Pedro Vasquez, Academic Professional

This brings our regular faculty to 34 (12 professors, 4 associate professors, 5 assistant professors, 2 senior lecturers, 9 lecturers (2 of whom will be promoted to senior lecturers next Fall), and 2 academic professionals).

The Department has also hired one visiting lecturer:

    Dr. Stephan Finnegan

Best of luck.  

Chemistry MS Program Ranked Number 9 in the US and Number 1 in the Southeast by the American Chemical Society Official Rankings for 2008-2009

The Article from C&E News Can be found here. Please make sure to click through to the "Chemistry Graduates, Top Producers for 2008-09" Data Table at the bottom of the article. The Department also tied its record last year by graduating 13 PhD students in one academic year. A complete list of 2009 - 2001 MS and PhD degrees awarded can be found here.

Professor Zhen Huang

    Dr. Huang has been selected as a member of the Editorial Board of Science China Chemistry, a journal for which he recently edited a special edition. Excellent news.

Professor George Zheng

    Dr. Zheng has been invited to chair a session on Chemical Biology at the 22nd Enzyme Conference in January 2011 in Florida.  Congratulations.

Undergraduate BS Certification

    During the past academic year, 15 of the 39 BS Chemistry graduates were ACS certified.  This is a new record for the Department.  Many of these students, based on their excellent academic records, have now entered the Masters program.

Professor Giovanni Gadda

    Dr. Gadda has been accepted as a member of the International Organizing Committee for the 17th International Symposium on Flavins and Flavoproteins.  Please congratulate him. 

Professor Shahab Shamsi

    Dr. Shamsi has been invited to chair the Biopharmaceuticals session at the ITP 2010 Symposium and to chair a session entitled "Second Century Innovation in Chiral Separations" at Pittcon 2011.  Chairing these sessions increases the visibility in Analytical chemistry.  Please congratulatehim. 

Good News

    The Department is pleased to report that Dr. Aimin Liu has been elected to the National High Magnetic Field EMR User Committee for a two-year term. 

Senior Lecturer Promotions

    The Department of Chemistry is pleased to report that Dr. Doyle Barrow and Dr. Gigi Ray have been promoted to Senior Lecturers effective Fall 2010.  The Department would also like to thank them for their outstanding contributions to the instructional program.

Dr Jenny Yang Receives New Grant

    It is our pleasure to announce that Professor Jenny Yang has received an NIH R01 Grant entited "Gap Junctions and ionic Currents in Developing Heart."

Congratulations to Our 2009 - 2010 Graduates!

    The Department of Chemistry would like to congratulate the Graduate and Undergraduate Chemistry students who have completed their degree requirements within the 2009 to 2010 academic year.  May you have great success!

Molecular Basis of Disease 2010 Research Day

Molecular Basis of Disease is an interdisciplinary Research Area of Focus for five departments, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math and Stats and Physics. The annual Research Day will be on Friday, May 21, in the Student Center and features an outside Keynote Speaker invited by PhD Fellows in the program as well as student presentations and posters.  

Professor Gangli Wang Receives Seed Grant

    Dr. Wang has received a seed grant from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to work on transport through confined nanoscale interface.  Please congratulate him.

The Chemistry Main Office is Moving

    After much anticipation, the new Petit Science Center is open for business!  The administrative persons in the main office will move the week of May 10th.  The week of May 17th, Drs. Kennedy, Pascoe, Vasquez, Barrow, Smith, and Henary will move to the new building.  Dr. Binghe Wang and his entire research group have already begun their move.  And finally, Dr. Hao Xu will also have his office and lab in PSC when he joins us in August.  Please keep this transition in mind over the next few weeks.

Professor Hao Xu Joins Faculty

    Good news!  Professor Xu will be joining the Chemistry Department Faculty beginning in August.  He received his Ph.D. degree in synthetic chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute (with Professor K. C. Nicolaou), and he is currently a Camille & Henry Dreyfus postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University (with Professor Eric N. Jacobsen).  His research interests are at the interface of Synthetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology: including selective catalysis, complex-molecule synthesis, and functional chemical synthesis.  Hao will have his research laboratory up and running as soon as he joins the department this summer.  This is exciting news - Please join us in welcoming him to Georgia State!

Professor David Boykin

    Professor Boykin has returned from a successful trip to China during which he signed an agreement with a pharmaceutical company on a patent transfer of a new potential anti-cancer compound.  It is exciting to know that GSU compounds have the potential to become pharmaceutical agents and save lives.  This agreement will generate funds for GSU and its counterpart in China.  Congratulations!   

Professor Shahab Shamsi

    Professor Shamsi has been invited to give a lecture presentation at the International Symposium on Capillary Electroseparation Techniques in August 2010!   

Professor Giovanni Gadda

    Professor Gadda has accepted an invitation to seve on the Editorial Board of the International Review of Biophysical Chemistry.  In addition, he is currently serving on 4 other editorial boards:  Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (since 2005); Open Enzyme Inhibition Journal (since 2008); Biochemistry Insights (since 2008); and Enzyme Research (since 2009).  This recognition is evidence that our programs are gaining further nation recognition.  Please join us in offering congratulation.   

Professor Shahab Shamsi

    Professor Shamsi has received a $25K supplement from Mercer University to study the analysis of caffeine and its metabolite formation in saliva samples.  Furthermore, Professor Shamsi has been invited to serve as a referee for the ACS awards.  Please join us in congratulating him.   

Professor Yujun George Zheng

    Good news!  Professor Zheng has been selected as the winner of the GSU RC Faculty Award for undergradaute research.      


    It is with great pleasure that we annouce President Becker has approved the promotion of Professor Kathy Grant and Professor Shahab Shamsi to Full Professors.  Please join us all in offering congratulations to both for their excellent achievements.

Grant News!

    Professor David Wilson has received full funding from NIH for 5 years on the grant entitled "Heterocyclic Cation Recognition of the DNA Minor Groove."  This grant supports research in Professor Wilson's and in Professor David Boykin's labs.  Congratulations! 

Professor Ivanov Receives INCITE Award

    Professor Ivaylo Ivanov and his colleagues are among 69 teams in the country who have been given access to powerful supercomputers by the US Department of Energy.  Dr. Ivanov's group will use the DOE's Leadership Computing Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to model the mechanisms and pathways involved in DNA replication and repair.  Ultimately, this research may lead to new understanding of the processes underlying cancer and genetic diseases.  The processor-hour allocation awarded to Ivanov's team can accomplish what a single computer, with a single central processing unit, can accomplish in 4 million hours.  Please join us in congratualating Dr. Ivanov on this significant award. 

Southeast Enzyme Conference

    Professor Giovanni Gadda is planning and organizing the first Southeast Enzyme Conference, scheduled for Saturday April 10, 2010.  The annual event will provide an opportunity for all researchers in enzymes to share and discuss their common interest.  Please visit the website for more details.  The registration and abstract submission deadline has been extended to March 12, 2010 and the fee is $20.

NSF Career Award

    It is our great pleasure to announce that Professor Donald Hamelberg has received an NSF Career award, which comes with five years of funding.  Dr. Hamelberg joins Professor Giovanni Gadda and Professor Kathy Grant as other members of our Department who have received this award.  This is an excellent endorsement of Dr. Hamelbergs hard work, and it also confirms the continued increase in national exposure of our program.

Professor Binghe Wang

    Dr. Wang had a very impressive year in 2009 as a serial editor and co-editor and with five books being published:

1)  Evaluation of Drug Candidates for Preclinical Development: Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism, Pharmaceutics, and Toxicology in Wiley Series in Drug Discovery and Development, Editors: Han, C.; David, C.; Wang, B., Series Editor: B. Wang, John Wiley and Sons, 2010 (

2)  ABC Transporters and Multidrug Resistance in Wiley Series in Drug Discovery and Development, Editors: Boumendjel, A.; Boutonnat, J. and Robert, J., Series Editor: B. Wang, John Wiley and Sons, 2009.

3)  Kinase Inhibitors for Oncology in Wiley Series in Drug Discovery and Development, Editors: Rongshi Li and Jeffrey A. Stafford, Series Editor: B. Wang, John Wiley and Sons, 2009.

4)  Drug Design of Zinc-Enzyme Inhibitors: Functional, Structural and Disease Applications in Wiley Series in Drug Discovery and Development, Editors: Claudiu T. Supuran and Jean-Yves Winum, Series Editor: B. Wang, John Wiley and Sons, 2009.

5)  Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines in Wiley Series in Drug Discovery and Development, Editors:  Guo, Z. and Boons, G.-J., Series Editor: B. Wang, John Wiley and Sons, 2009.  (

This really increases the departmental visibility and highlights the achievements in drug discovery. Please join me in offering congratulations!

Chair-Elect ACS Georgia Section

    We are pleased to report that Visiting Lecturer Lou Milakofsky has been elected Chair Elect of the Georgia ACS Section beginning in January 2010.  Dr. Milakofsky will serve as Chair of the section starting in January 2011.  Please join us us un offering him congratulations on this honor.

Special Issue of Oxidative Enzymes

    Great news!  The first issue for the 2010 Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (Volume 493, Issue 1) entitled "Oxidative Enzymes" will have Professor Giovanni Gadda as the guest editor.  The special issue contacins the Guest Editors's Introduction by Prof. Gadda and ten review articles by prominent scientists on various aspects of exidative enzymes.  Miore details can be found here:

Poster Day 2010

    The Department will hold the Second Annual Poster Day on February 27, 2010. This will be an excellent opportunity for Fall 2010 prospective students to visit our department, interview with faculty, tour labs, and see the various and exciting research projects of our graduate and undergraduate students. Prospective students interested in attending should submit their application by the Priority Deadline of January 15, 2010 for consideration. Please click here for more information.   

PhD Production 2007-2008

    Georgia State University produced 10 of the 71 PhD's awarded in Chemistry in Georgia for 2007-2008.  Georgia Tech, UGA, and Emory gradauted the remaining PhD's.  With our recent increases in PhD graduate student numbers, expectations are to graduate ~15 / year on a continuing basis.

MS Program Ranked 12th Nationally

    Good news!  According to the official Journal of the American Chemical Society (C&E News, page 40, November 23rd edition), Georgia State University Chemistry ranked 12th in the nation (out of 200 programs!) in MS degree production for 2007-2008.  Thus, we are continuing to increase our ranking in the MS program!

Of the 48 MS Chemistry degrees awared in Georgia over the 2007-2008 academic year, 22 were awaded by GSU - That's 46% of all MS Chemistry degrees awarded in Georgia.  By contract, Georgia Tech awarded 15%, Emory 6% and UGA 5%.

We normally are the top producer of MS Chemistry degrees in Georgia with most of our graduates finding jobs in the metro area.

7th Annual Biotech Symposium

   The Departments of Biology and Chemisry will co-host the 7th Annual Biotech Symposium on November 23rd and 24th.  The title of the conference is:  Advances in Cancer Research: Biomarkers Detection - Epigenetic Gene Regulation.  Complete details, including registration and abstract submission for poster presentation can be found on the website.  Please submit your abstract by November 10.  And please contact Will Lovett ( in the Chemistry Department should you have any questions.

Chemistry Graduate Student Association Chartered

   The Department of Chemistry is proud to announce the chartering of the Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA).  The CGSA is open to all Chemistry Graduate Students, and its goal is to serve as a liason between the Graduate Students and the University administration, faculty, and Department.  The initial website can be found here.

Chem Club Receives Honor

   The Chem Club has received an Honorable Mention Chapter Award for its 2008-2009 activities as an ACS Student Affiliate.  The award will be presented at the 239th ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.  The Chem Club received high marks in a number of areas including a "very strong service commitment" and a good selection of speakers, tours and field trips with excellent faculty involvement.  Congratualtions to the Chem Club and its advisor Dr. Jyotsna Thota for an outstanding accomplishment!

Dr. Aimin Liu Joins Review Panel

   Dr. Aimin Liu has accepted an invitation to serve on an NSF Molecular and Cellular Biosciences review panel.  Congratulations!

Dr. Doyle Barrow Wins Award

   Dr. Doyle Barrow has won the Critical Thinking Through Writing (CTW) award for his work in the undergraduate program.  This award comes with Summer and "travel" support.  It reflects not only Dr. Barrow's efforts but the faculty's devotion to providing a quality undergraduate program.  Congratulations Dr. Barrow on being recognized for your hard work!

Professor Markus Germann to Serve on Review Panel

   Dr. Markus Germann has accepted an invitation to serve on the review panel for High End NMR Shared Instrumentation Grants for the Biological, Chemical and Micromolecular Biophysics branch of the Center for Scientific Review in Bethesda, MD.  Please join us in offering him congratulations!

Regents Professor David Wilson to Continue Serving as Editor of Major Journal

   Dr. David Wilson has accepted an invitation to do another 3-year term on the Editorial Board for the international-level journal Biochemistry.  Please join us in offering him congratulations!

Record Numbers

   For Fall Semester 2009, we have 35 MS students, 78 PhD students, and 372 undergradaute students enrolled in the Chemistry Department.  These are record numbers for the department. 

Dr. Donald Hamelberg Receives Award

   Dr. Hamelberg has won the American Chemical Society's Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Junior Faculty Award.  The award will be presented at the Washington D.C. ACS meeting in the Fal and the presentation of the award will be published in the schedul for the meeting.    Please join us in congratulating Dr. Hamelberg!

Ms. Ying Zhang Presents at SER-CAT Symposium

    Ms. Zhang delivered a keynote presentation on "HIV-1 Protease:  Structural Perspectives on Drug Resistance" at the Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team Symposium in Huntville, AL.  Ms. Zhang is one of our 79 PhD students, and she is working under the direction of Dr. Irene Weber.  

Graduate Recruitment Fair, October 26, 2009

    For the first time, Georgia State University will participate in the Georgia Graduate Fair Circuit and the Department of Chemistry will be hosting lab tours and interviews for potential chemistry graduate students. Students interested should contact Mr. Sanford Dennis, 404-413-1840,   

Poster Day 2010 Date Announced

    The Department will hold the Second Annual Poster Day on February 27, 2010. This is an excellent opportunity for Fall 2010 prospective students to visit our department, interview with faculty, tour labs, and see the various and exciting research projects of our graduate and undergraduate students. Prospective students interested in attending should submit their application by the Priority Deadline of January 15, 2010 for consideration. Please click here for information on Poster Day 2009.   

Dr. Aimin Liu Receives Two Important Grants

June 22, 2009.    Dr. Liu has received a grant from the National Science Foundation for the trapping and characterization of reactive intermediates in two tryptophan oxidizing enzymes. The funding for this study will continue through FY 2013. Additionally, Dr. Liu has also received a Distinguished Cancer Scientient Award from the Georgia Cancer Coalition. Not only is this five year award a great acknowledgment of Dr. Liu's hard work, but it also puts Dr. Liu in the top 20 hires for the State of Georgia for all disciplines including medical schools in cancer research.   

Dr. Liu is the sixth recipient of the Distinguished Cancer Scientist Award in the Department - Drs. Markus Germann, Binghe Wang, Zhen Huang, Yujun George Zheng, and Donald Hamelberg have also been honored recipients. It is quite a distinction for a department our size to have this many honored faculty members.

In all, the Department is now expecting $6 million per year in external funding for research.

 Dr. Zhen Huang's Research Featured in C&E News

    The work of Dr. Huang and coworkers at Georgia State University on Methyl-Phosphate H-bonds is featured in the June 8, 2009 edition of Chemical & Engineering News. (Vol 87, No 23, p 51)  

Dr. Jenny Yang Joins NIH Study Section

    It is an honor to announce that Dr. Yang has accepted an appointment to serve on the Biochemistry and Biophysics of Membranes study section at the NIH.  

Dr. Yujun George Zheng receives AHA award.

    Dr. Zheng has received notification of research support from the American Heart Association. Congratulations!  

Dr. Ivaylo Ivanov Joins the Chemistry Department

    Dr. Ivanov will be joining the Computational Chemistry group of the Biophysical Section in the Department of Chemistry this Fall.  He has completed his post-doctoral work conducted jointly at The Scrips Research Institute and UCSD after having completed his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania.   His research objectives include examing enzymatic reactions catalyzed by DNA repair enzymes (endonuclease IV, APE1) and modeling dynamic fluctuations and conformational reorganization within realistic models of protein-nucleic acid assemblies.  

Dr. Ivanov will be joining Dr. Stuart Allison, Dr. Donald HamelbergDr. David Wilson, and Dr. Markus Germann as our Computational reseach faculty in the Biophysical Chemistry PhD section.   

Please click here for a list of all Faculty members and their research interests.

Congratulations to Our 2008 - 2009 Graduates!

    The Department of Chemistry would like to congratulate the Graduate and Undergraduate Chemistry students who have completed their degree requirements within the 2008 to 2009 academic year.  May you have great success!  

Please click here for a list of all Graduate Student accomplishments

January 27, 2009
The Department of Chemistry and the Chemistry Department Awards Committee are pleased to announce the winners of the following student awards
  • Natalie Maor (Dr. Jenny J. Yang's Group): "2008 Award for the Best Overall Chemistry Undergraduate Student"
  • Catharine Collar (Dr. W. David Wilson's Group): "David W. Boykin Graduate
    Fellowship in Medicinal Chemistry"
  • Yidan Liu (Dr. Binghe Wang's Group): "2008 Graduate Award for Outstanding
    Research at the Thesis Masters Level"
  • Kevin Francis (Dr. Giovanni Gadda's Group): "Ambrose H. Pendergrast Fellowship"
  • Hongxia Pei (Dr. Stuart Allison's Group): "2008 Graduate Award for
    Outstanding Research at the Doctoral Level"
  • Jia Sheng (Dr. Zheng Huang's Group): "2008 Graduate Award for Outstanding
    Research at the Doctoral Level and Best Overall Chemistry Graduate Student"
January 27, 2009

Dr. Gadda's article,   "Crystallographic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Analysis of a Flavin C4a-oxygen Adduct in Choline Oxidase." Biochemistry, 2009 on the "funny" flavin of choline oxidase has been selected to be highlighted on the ACS Biochemistry web page.  The article has been evaluated for the Faculty of 1000 Biology series, an award-winning online service that highlights the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences.

January 27, 2009

Dr. Aimin Liu  has been granted a major NFS award for his mechanistic studies of Enzymes Oxidizing Enzymes..

December 10, 2008

Eminent Scholar Binghe Wang (P.I.) has been awarded a major 5-year NIH-STTR grant on Aptamer-based Glyco-tools. Work on this project is geared toward the development of commercialization of research discoveries.

April 18, 2008

Professor Zhen Huang has won the University Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award.


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